Weddings are special events which are often remembered with fondness. This is a new chapter in every couple’s life; when a couple exchanges vows of eternal love and togetherness. The tradition of giving away gifts on this wonderful occasion has been a longstanding practice in human societies. A great variety of gifts are always provided to newlyweds by their guests. 

Whether you are a member of the entourage, a guest, family or a friend of the couple, you can expect to provide a memorable gift. There are lots of best wedding gift ideas for a best friend or appropriate wedding gift for a client. The options for wedding gifts are, in fact, endless. There are traditional presents and there are modern ways to show that you care and welcome the newlyweds in their new life. 

Wedding gifts are truly significant since guests give their good wishes to the couple by means of their gifts. In short, wedding presents are gestures of love, affection and intimacy for the newlyweds. Thus, make those wedding presents extra-special by giving the newlyweds a meaningful gift, a gift that stands out and allows the couple to remember remarkable moments spent with each other. 

ArtAway is in the business of providing outstanding gifts for any occasion. Our gifts or photo prints on sturdy, quality materials like wood, metal, acrylic, glass and leather make for thoughtful presents that will last for ages.

Special Memories as High-Quality Photo Print Artworks

Let’s say that wine of the month wedding gift is not really a creative, unique idea. You want something more than that. A wedding gift of sunglasses is not your type as well. Cash money is done hundreds of times and you want something more substantial and memorable, something that is in tune with the newlyweds’ emotions. 

Why not opt for photo print pieces then? Photo prints on durable surface mediums are very modern and an absolutely thoughtful way to wish the newlyweds a wonderful journey into married life. Here at ArtAway, we need your hand in creating the best wedding present in the land. Your photo print gift is easy to do and will require only a few simple steps.



Choose a gift from the Artaway Collection.


Write your message or add graphics.


Your gift is out the door next business day.


Photo Print Gifts: Modern Gift Classics

Quality & Creativity At It's Finest

Weddings are proof of a love that lingers on, and your gift should stand the test of time as well. So, keep that Sugarfina wedding gift on the side at the moment and choose the ArtAway option of fantastic photo prints. Choose a memorable photo of the couple and together with our prime photo printing materials plus a skilled design team, we will create a beautiful piece for the newlyweds. 

Our company employs highly-skilled artists to create and print first-rate images with accurate details, bright colors and specifications according to the customer’s specifications. We only use prime materials for our photo prints and mediums, plus we also utilize the latest methods and best practices in modern photo printing. 

That way, you will only get the best photo print in any medium you prefer. For instance, when it comes to an employee’s wedding gift, our policy is to always apply our 110% in making high-quality products. Our photo prints are not only sources of great, loving memories, they also make for amazing home and office décor due to the excellent quality.

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Natural wood prints are great for newlyweds with laidback personalities or couples who practice sustainable living. It is also a best-selling option for photo print mediums. We create wood photo prints that are durable and strong. We also offer many options in terms of styles and formats.

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Preserve exquisite memories on hardwearing, high-quality plastic artworks. Plastic photo prints are also modern presents that make for wonderful décor at home or in the office. Instead of gold wedding gifts bags, choose a nice acrylic print for the happy newlyweds.

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Are you thinking of a lovely wedding gift from mom to bride? Chill on the options and stop at metal photo prints. ArtAway’s high-tech dye sublimation processes for metal prints give crystal-clear details and topnotch colors for pieces that will not only stand the test of time, but make for remarkable decorative elements as well.

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ArtAway makes use of quality, dependable CNC technology to create wonderful photo prints on assorted mediums. We also create leather prints for wedding days—produce your own photos and we will gladly impress them on the prime leather material of your liking. A fine leather piece is a distinctive out of town guest wedding gift etiquette item that newlyweds will absolutely adore.

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For those who want a more contemporary wedding present in a chic, elegant form, nothing beats glass mediums. ArtAway’s glass photo prints display the company’s artistry and the talents of their proficient artist team. Make that plant a tree wedding gift cast in stylish glass today.

ArtAway are experts in creating personalized wall art for wedding gift. If you are on the hunt for unique yet thoughtful wedding presents, photo prints on quality wood, acrylic, leather, glass and metal surfaces are sure winners. 

These are pieces that are not only decorative, but spark special memories as well. Capture the newlyweds’ favorite memories in a sturdy, durable medium that will last in sickness and in health.

ArtAway wants such events to be more meaningful by helping you with your present.

Start creating that beautiful wedding gift with us today.