Teachers play a huge role in the lives of children and it is simply natural to want to honor and thank them for all they do. Whether it is a gift for teacher appreciation week, a gift for teachers for christmas or as a farewell gift during graduation, a well-thought-of present will certainly tug their heartstrings and inspire them to continue their good work. 

While an apple for the teacher used to be how children showed their gratitude, times have certainly changed. Nowadays there are quite a few options to choose from, starting with a teachers gift basket,  teachers gift box or teacher gift jewelry. If you want something unique and special, you can opt to have these gifts made-to-order and personalized.

Ideas For Personalized Teacher’s Gifts

During teacher’s day or towards the end of the school year, you might be able to easily find teachers gift uk in stores. The rest of the time, you will either have to look through different stores and buy whatever you do end up finding or you can have one custom-made for you just in time to present the gift for teacher retirement. 

There are the usual ideas of medals, awards or a framed picture of the class. Other popular gift ideas for teachers last day of school include personalized mugs or keychains. While these gifts can still be designed and custom-made to look anything but mass-produced, you can also explore some other teachers gift basket ideas.

1.Personalized Notepad In A Box

You can have a special teacher gift notepad printed out for that daily note-taking or to write down ideas. Top it off with a personalized box out of metal or wood, with the name of the teacher or maybe even his or her favorite quote or line. This gift is not only different, but a teacher stationery gift is something every educator can use every single day.

2.Mug Or Glass With Picture

Personalized mugs or glasses have always been a hugely popular gift for teachers, especially since they can drink out of it all day long. Instead of just getting a name engraved or printed, which is what older technology could do, you can now have striking pictures and text clearly printed on glass, acrylic, and even metal. If you want something more unique, go for a teacher gift water bottle out of metal that can be useful both in and out of school. The best thing about giving something one-of-a-kind is that he or she will never have to worry about taking someone else’s glass, mug, or water bottle ever again.

3.Printed Pen/Pencil Case With Pen

 A great gift for new teacher elementary is a “ready for the first day“ kit, which can include personalized pens. You can take a step beyond that and have a metal pencil case with your very own design. Instead of just having a name printed or engraved, take a step further and get pictures, quotes or even both on the metal case itself. A new teacher will have thought of most things they need in the classroom, but forget other equally important stuff like a case for those red correcting pens. This is why it is the perfect gift to teacher for graduation

4.Personalized Keychain

 There are ways to change up those traditional teachers gift ideas uk like a keychain. This is also a great idea for teacher gift graduation. Teachers can put their keys to their new classrooms or other important keys. And thanks to advances in printing on different surfaces like metal, wood, and acrylic, you can have complex designs printed on them. The best thing is that you can decide what your teachers gift should look like.

 5.Gift Basket

While giving your teacher jewellery gift is always an expensive and fancy option for many people, it is actually quite common unless it is a gift for teacher wife. For most, especially if you are considering teacher graduation gift ideas, a gift basket with a “survival kit“ or a “bag of necessities“ they can turn to every single day at work. Teacher’s supplies and a nice custom-made wooden sign featuring his or her name and a picture included in the gift basket are also among the top gift ideas for teachers graduation.

Designing Your Own Custom-Made Teacher’s Gift

When you visit our website, you will see our ideas for gifts for teachers holiday. We do not just produce them, but we can also specially print it based on your preferred design. Our products are available in a variety of materials like glass, wood, acrylic, and metal. All you need to do is consider your needs and habits, communicate with us, and directly send your teacher gift basket delivery online to the recipient.  

Just follow these few simple steps:

1.Plan The Design

Newest printers can print directly on surfaces that are not paper-based, like acrylic, metal, or glass. Whether you are looking for teacher to teacher gift ideas or teacher group gift ideas, you will need to figure out how the personalization should look like. Go beyond printed names or logos, go for having photos on your teachers gifts.

2.Decide On The Material

You can go for pictures or signs printed in different materials like acrylic, wood, metal, or glass. Each has its pros and cons, and you should just consider the recipient when deciding which to use.

3.Upload The Design

It is time to check how your design will look at the material you chose for your teachers gift for christmas. This is an important step so you do not end up being disappointed when you receive the final output. 

 4.Send Your Order

To finalize your gift for elementary teacher, all you need to do is to order the finished product. We can also prepare them in gift wrapping and send the teacher gift from whole class directly to the recipient when desired. Give us a few days and we will turn your designs and ideas into reality!


Go beyond the usual teacher gift apple or teacher gift jewelry, have something specially designed and prepared for one of the most influential people in your kids’ lives!