Your favorite memories shouldn’t be limited on paper print nor does it always have to hang on the wall. You can also try to print photos on metal, print on glass, putting photos on wood or get them for print on acrylic.

You can turn your most cherished images and graphics into something that you not only can touch but play with, too! If you love collecting jigsaw puzzle sets (a dissectologist), you will surely love the idea of customizable jigsaw puzzles.

Alongside our laser print on glass, digital print on acrylic, print on metal plate, and printing on wood planks services, we offer customizable jigsaw puzzle printing. Your photos and other types of virtual images will be printed on puzzle pieces with our advanced printing solution. Our website features an online design tool that you can utilize to add more design ideas onto your chosen digital print, graphics, and photos.

Once you’re satisfied with the final design, you may then proceed to upload it on our website. You can choose from various sizes for the cardboard material and the number of pieces that you want for your customized puzzle. Once all custom details are submitted, we will then proceed to the printing process.

Artaway makes use of the latest printing technologies to produce high-quality and vibrant photos on any material. We can do laser print on wood, so that you can put pictures on wooden slats. We also have a machine to print on glass, which means you can have your desired design for print on wine glass. Plexiglass print and print acrylic keychains are some of our other services, as well as digital print on metal. Whatever material you prefer, we can personalize it for a unique gift.

If you want packaging as part of your order, simply provide us with your preferred packaging type for all of our products, including your customized jigsaw puzzle.

A customized jigsaw puzzle is an excellent gift idea for friends and family. You may also order in bulk and use them as giveaway for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. It’s a unique gift idea that recipients will truly love!

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