One of the most heart-rending and difficult times in our life is the passing away of a beloved family member, a friend or co-worker. Friends and family of the deceased want their memory to be remembered and their kindness preserved. To do so, they commemorate the life of people who are no longer with them through loving tributes and memory gifts. 

These in-memory gifts usually come in the form of exquisite flower arrangements. This is a comforting and loving way to express your sympathy to the family of the departed. In-memory gifts can also come in the form of a tribute video, where the deceased’s life is recollected and talked about, paying tribute to the person’s thoughtfulness, benevolence and his or her happiest memories. 

There are, indeed, lots of tributes and sympathy gift ideas one can give to the bereaved, but there’s a tribute that one should significantly consider – the gift of photo prints. Photo prints are wonderful sources of memory embedded on durable, sturdy mediums of your choice whether wood, metal, acrylic, glass or leather. 

Photo prints harken beautiful memories of the departed and bring about love and light in an, if anything, gloomy time in the life of the bereaved family. This is a tangible, real way to commemorate the life of loved ones and colleagues who have passed away. 

Pay a Beautiful Tribute Through Noteworthy Photo Prints

When friends and families of the bereaved are devastated over a loved one’s passing, at times, traditional sympathy gifts like cards, gift baskets and flower arrangements aren’t sufficient to express one’s deepest feelings. 

Even in the darkest of times, a gift that brings about silver linings are the best in-memory gifts of all, one that pays tribute to the deceased and retains his or her memory in strong, long-lasting and remarkably-crafted artworks. 

ArtAway’s photo print works are the answer to your search for an enduring, touching tribute. We’re not the only ones creating a striking tribute, we’re also including your input. 

Thereby, with photo prints, you are not only giving away a company-manufactured piece, you are also personalizing it with your thoughts and loving messages. It is a keepsake that will stand the test of time and a great source of good memories spent with family and friends.



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A Meaningful Celebration of the Departee’s Life

Quality & Creativity At It's Finest

Photo prints, as in-memory gifts, are a comforting and touching way to commemorate the life of a family member, friend or colleague who have passed away. It is always essential to take into consideration the life and the loves of the departed, thus photo prints are the answer. 

Photo prints actually capture the spirit and life of the person best. They are also done with so much love, care and thought, made durable and more meaningful through fine materials and your deepest sentiments. 

ArtAway has a stable of talented artists who can help you create photo print tributes and keepsakes with all minute details captured. We also make sure that we got all of your specifications down pat for a truly meaningful and personalized photo print tribute. 

We aim for high-quality in-memory gifts and tributes, and that is what our customers will get; excellent photo prints that celebrate the wonderful life of the departed.

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The wood materials we choose for our photo prints are prime quality and have features that can stand the test of time. Let the memory of your deceased loved ones endure the years as well by choosing our high-quality wood prints, available in many formats and styles.

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Take care of those lovely memories; capture them in a sturdy acrylic base that lasts for ages. ArtAway also works with tenacious, hard plastic materials like acrylic to guarantee a better foundation for photo prints. They not only make for the best keepsakes and memorials, they also serve as wonderful décor for your home and office.

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Metal is another popular material here at ArtAway. It’s absolutely durable and serves as a great foundation for your well-chosen photos. The company also makes sure that all the details of the photos are taken care of and will appear as they must through advanced dye sublimation processes. This is a method that will not only make your image vivid and gorgeous, it also makes for details that will last for ages.

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Leather is a wonderful material; robust, elegant and durable. Take care of leather stuff, and it will last for decades. That is why ArtAway works with prime leather materials for their photo prints and keepsakes, too. We make use of reliable CNC technology to fashion meaningful tributes and keepsakes on leather for every occasion. Fine leather artworks are a superb way to celebrate the memories of dear people in your life who have passed away.

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Modern in-memory gifts include ones made from resilient glass materials. For a memorial keepsake that is elegant and chic, make it a glass photo print. Our glass photo prints are fine testaments of ArtAway’s gifted team of artists. Capture favorite memories of the dearly departed in quality glass today. 

We here at ArtAway recognize the pain of losing a loved one. Therefore, we also aspire to create pieces that will commemorate the life of people who are no longer with us.

ArtAway wants your tribute to be a meaningful one.

Work with us today for many options on how you can memorialize loved ones who have departed.