Shopping gifts for colleagues is a challenging activity especially if your main goal is to come up with unique gift ideas and stay away from boring cubicle doorbell fun office gifts that are not only cheap but forgettable, too. To create a memorable office gift basket for your co-workers and bosses, you need to think outside the box. An excellent idea is by giving them thoughtful and impactful office gift bags that are filled with items that have meaning to your recipients. 

Personalized Office Gift Delivery Ideas

It is true that you can’t pick your co-workers, but there will always be a few of these people who will end up as your friends. And what better way to show them how much you value their friendship than giving them gifts on special days. 

And there will also be times when you are tasked to come up with corporate office gift ideas for special events and important functions at the office. The good news is that we can help you come up with memorable and new office gift basket ideas that all your co-workers and yourself will surely treasure.

Here are some office gift ideas that you should seriously consider adding on office gift baskets:

  •     Personalized gift baskets

The best office gift baskets are those that are customized for employees. You can take a nice group photo of colleagues from different departments and then have these photos printed onto unique materials such as wood, metal, leather, and acrylic. For instance, why not have these photos printed on wood pieces. Your co-workers can display this rustic and hip wooden photo on top of their desks or as an elegant décor at home, too. 

  •     Office gift ideas for clients

Looking for office gift ideas for clients can be a bit tricky. Of course, you want to give them the best gifts to show that they are valuable partners in the growth and expansion of your company. Don’t make the mistake of giving them an office gift box filled with trinkets with your company logo on it. If you want them to be impressive, you should select office-related or work-related items and have them personalized by printing on items that they love. 

Here are nice personalized gift suggestions for your clients and corporate partners: 

      A very nice bottle of wine. But not just any wine, you can step up a notch and have their names printed on the bottle. In this way, all of your clients will come home with unique bottles that they can display at home. 

      If you know the brand of smartphone your client owns, you may want to consider giving him a phone case. A phone case is very much appreciated by whoever your recipient is. They will not throw your smartphone case especially if you went the extra mile of having their initials printed onto the case. 

      A simple but very useful personalized office gift idea for clients is a customized paperweight. You can choose to print their photo on glass paperweights or have their favorite sport’s team logo printed on the paperweight, too. 

  •     Ideas for office gift baskets

If there’s an upcoming corporate event that celebrates the contributions of its workforce, it’s only necessary that you prepare a loot bag for co-workers, too. If you are responsible for coming up with the office gift basket ideas for their loot bag, here are our expert recommendations:

      Desktop organizer

 A desktop organizer holds office staples such as a memo pad, pens, pencils, and calling cards. You can come up with the shape and size of the organizer, but make sure to choose a material that will stand the test of time. 

We highly recommend that you choose wood if you are going to order them in bulk from a manufacturer. You can further personalize an organizer by printing on the company logo, as well as their name and position on wood. 

      Metal paperweight

 A paperweight made from metal is a nice addition to your co-worker loot bags. You have the option of having their faces printed on metal paperweight or inspirational quotes that are related to their respective functions at the office. 

      Business card case

Wouldn’t it be nice if you owned a dedicated business card case around when you’re meeting with clients and suppliers? This is a gift item that you can personalize by printing their name on the outside portion of the case. This personalized office gift item can be made more special if you can have their digital copies of their initials be printed onto plastic or wooden business card cases. 

Now that you realize how unique and special customized photo print services are, we can help you get started with designing office items to make them more memorable to co-workers and suppliers. 

Choose the material

When you choose out photo print services for bulk office gift ideas, the first step that you should accomplish is by choosing the material. You can print digital photos, graphics, and logos on materials including wood, tile, acrylic, cardboard, metal, leather, glass, and smartphone case.  

Ask yourself which of these materials will match your office interiors or closely reflects the desires of the recipients. 

Enhance photo print through expert graphic design

For office gift items, you need to incorporate the company logo. Using our editing tool, you can redesign your logo to make it pop out once printed on your chosen material. With our customization tool, you may even incorporate other design elements, too. 

Upload the finalized print photo design for printing

Once you have completed improving the look of the digital image through our design tool, the next part is uploading it on our website. You may also upload normal photos or graphics from any type of device and format. Our platform also accepts print photos on mobile devices or from your desktop computer’s memory. 

Customization to make beautiful pictures come to life

If you want to give out luxury office gifts, customization will make them uniquely beautiful. It can be tedious to print graphic designs of your colleagues’ initials on each and every gift, but this will certainly reflect how much value you place on them as integral element’s in your company’s growth and success. 

Order bulk office gift items online

Send us your orders so that our advanced printing systems can complete the customized printing job just in time for your next corporate event. Make sure to inspect and evaluate the design and material before hitting send. We also offer gift-wrapping services for boxes, baskets, and other types of packaging you prefer. 

From thoughtful corporate gifts to unforgettable retirement presents for your colleagues and bosses, you can never go wrong with personalized photo print services.