Graduation, a day lots of high school and college students look forward to. A day that highlights new beginnings, future endeavors and accomplishments. 

For many high school students, graduation is a rite of passage, signifying the end of adolescence and entry to the path of adulthood. For lots of college students, Graduation Day is their entrance to the real world, a world that will finally test and lay judgment on their mettle. 

The challenge for many parents, relatives and friends of graduates is finding the perfect gift. Something that is evocative of the occasion or the years the graduates spent in high school or college. We also want a gift that is not only distinctive and decorative, but meaningful as well. 

A graduation gift for best friend graduating from college leads to many gift ideas. However, even in this time of great variety, it can still be difficult determining what to get a girl for graduation gift. Let us make that task easier for you; we bring the gift of high-quality photo prints. ArtAway will help you create amazing photo prints in the material of your choice; from wood, metal, acrylic, glass or leather. Include our photo prints now on that nurse graduation gift package.

Special Photo Prints for Extraordinary People

Yes, there is a wide variety of graduation gifts out there. There are graduation gift ideas for books and graduation gift stickers. But for those who are after an expressive and profound gift, chances are you will appreciate what we have to offer. Our gift of quality, remarkable photo prints will surely bring a smile on your beloved graduates. 


With some help from us, you can create a personalized photo print present for graduating family and friends. The process is extremely easy, all you need is a bit of your imagination and of course, the photo you want represented. The steps are described below.

How It Works


Choose a gift from the Artaway Collection.


Write your message or add graphics.


Your gift is out the door next business day.


Capture Noteworthy Memories Through Photo Prints

Quality & Creativity At It's Finest

Graduation Day is a milestone celebration for all individuals since it signifies something that was done but will pave the way for a fresh start, new adventures and undertakings. It is a special occasion which makes people excited for what’s going to happen next. 

Since this is an important event, the gifts you should be giving away to graduating family members and friends should be remarkable, too. Don’t make your search a tedious one, bring your loved ones the gift of high-quality ArtAway photo prints this year. Your graduation gift favors should always include a nifty, unforgettable photo print or two. 

Another plus by choosing our notable photo prints? They’re quite affordable and will not put a dent on your pocket. Great gifts need not be expensive, they only need to have a heart. And with photo prints, you can be assured that it’s filled with your care and love.

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For the carefree graduate, a pearl necklace for graduation gift might not be the best idea. Make that present a wood photo print; its laid-back, natural features will suit personalities who are chill, relaxed yet smart. 

Our wood prints come in plenty of styles and formats plus we only use prime-quality wood. For those who want something durable, outstanding and unique, wood photo prints as graduation gifts are the way to go.

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These days, you won’t run out of gift ideas. One important factor in choosing the perfect gift is how meaningful the present will be for your intended. Hence, our idea of giving away acrylic photo prints is quite appropriate. 

Make those photos last by preserving them on quality acrylic material. This type of plastic is one long-lasting, durable material which can last for decades. Photos also adhere well on such material and they’re great as decorative elements at home or in the office, too.

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Contemporary gifts for graduates this year include metal photo prints. Do you want that Dr. Seuss graduation gift to pop? Turn that into a nice metal photo print! ArtAway presents personalized metal prints from multi to single formats to accompany varying preferences. 

Our high-tech dye sublimation techniques guarantee that all details and vivid colors of the photo will be presented accurately. Metal photo prints are also one of the more popular options here at ArtAway due to their durability.

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Wondering about firefighter academy graduation gift ideas? That is quite easy. ArtAway also caters to the use of fine leather as gifts. Our company utilizes advanced CNC technology to generate accurate, remarkable leather products that are not only giftable, but will serve as stunning décor for your home and office as well. 

We guarantee that our CNC engraving and cutting services are reasonably-priced without scrimping on quality. Our distinctive leather pieces will certainly make your graduating loved one’s day brighter.

You need not worry about a cool graduation gift for art student. You can always lean on us to help you create the perfect graduation present. 

Our gift ideas here at ArtAway is not only limited for graduation days or birthdays, we also craft photo prints and other sorts of presents for all occasions. 

Our creativity encompasses all occasions, and we are more than willing to help you out in your quest for the perfect gift. 

Come and hear us out today! Make that day memorable for your loved ones.