We celebrate the art of gift-giving in a very unique way! If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind present for:

then you will love our collection. We specialize in printing on custom-shaped wood, glass, acrylic, metal, leather, puzzles, smartphone covers and many others. But most importantly, customers have the ability to add text and personalize the photo they upload using our online design editor. Whether hand-cut or using our cnc machine, you and your customers will be impressed with the quality of our customized gifts.


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We offer unique, custom-made gifts that recipients will certainly adore! Gift givers can design their gifts any way they want, whether hand- or machine-cut, out of different materials like metal, glass, wood, acrylic and more. We purposely have the highest commission rates offered in the industry. Our high 7 to 9% conversion rate combined with your high 30% affiliate commission should be a no-brainer.



You need to first complete registration down below on the Affiliate Registration Form. We will need up to 24 business hours to review the application.


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Free Personalized Wood Photo Print On The House

Oh yea! By becoming an affiliate, we’re going to hook you up with a free personalized photo print on wood. Once you’re approved to be an affiliate, you’ll receive your free coupon to begin personalizing your own gift for free.


Am I eligible for the Affiliate Program?

OFFLINE: Whatever kind of pizza shop, restaurant, temple or church, or any offline form of affiliate marketing, you can sign up for our affiliate program.

ONLINE: Whatever kind of website you have, including personal blogs, nonprofit sites, and commercial websites, you can sign up for our affiliate program.

How do I join?

Please fill out the registration form down below.

How much can you earn in commission?

We give our affiliates between 16% to 30% commission on sales.
If you give us a special mention or if you are a verified affiliate, you can negotiate a higher commission with us (up to 30%).

How can I track my sales?

Sales can be tracked through your online account dashboard.
It is also easy to export sales reports and other metrics like impressions and clicks.

Do I have to pay anything?

Not at all! There is absolutely no charge to become an affiliate.
On the contrary, you have dedicated phone support and live chat available 24/7.

What happens if I have several websites?

You will not need to submit multiple applications for each website, just provide us with the list of websites.